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Climbing Gallery

Here are a few shots of me climbing around the world from the last 35+ years. 

The second pitch of Mucho Pumpito near Vinales, Cuba

Rock climbs are given names, just as mountains are. This one is called Lord of the Thais in southern Thailand. photo by Bobby Model



The Northeast Snowfields Route on Mount Owen in the Teton Range, Wyoming.

A route called Spaghetti Western in southeast Utah. photo by Kim Jacobs

Me on the summit of the Eiger in Switzerland. photo by Forest Dramis

A long reach in Sinks Canyon near Lander, Wyoming. photo by the late Bobby Model

The second pitch of Ice 9, Canadian Rockies. photo by Michelle Garbert

On Shiptons Arch in Western China. This was a first ascent with Nancy Feagin, Mark Newcomb, Gordon Wiltsie, and Jeremy Schmidt. photo by Gordon Wiltsie

The Ice Bulge Route on Mt. Fay, Canadian Rockies. photo by Forest Dramis

The Magnetic Wall on Table Mountain, Cape Town, RSA. photo by Jeremy Wilse-samson

The Pencil on Polar Circus, Canadian Rockies. photo by Michelle Garbert

The crux of Discovery, the Monolith, Wind River Range, Wyoming. photo by Shep Vail



The Ark in Tensleep Canyon, Wyoming.

The first ascent of Jaidom, a very difficult climb in southern Thailand. photo by The Pope

The summit of Absaroka Spire in northwest Wyoming. photo by Shep Vail

Above the Liguria Coast of Italy.



My wife Liz climbing in Sinks Canyon State Park near Lander Wyoming.



I even owe meeting my wonderful wife to the sport of climbing. Liz and I met on a climbing trip. Without this sport our paths might never have crossed.

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