Roads Through Wyoming: I-80

Crossing Southern Wyoming

Interstate 80 and The Lincoln Highway

Stretching from New York to San Francisco, the Lincoln Highway was the first route for automobiles to  link the east and west coasts. It was followed by Interstate-80, of which 401 miles runs through the mountains and across the high plains and Red Desert of southern Wyoming. It is a region of the Equality State that is rich in western-lore. In this audio recording you will hear over 80 tales, including that of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, the Overland and Immigrant Trails, and the Mormon Civil War of 1858. Other stories  included are: the Rendezvous, the Chinese Race Riots of 1882, and the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad. Produced by TravelStoriesGPS and Summits and Crux Publishing, this audio history is a must for anyone driving across southern Wyoming. 

Summits and Crux Publishing has teamed up with TravelStorysGPS to create roadside-audio histories across Wyoming. Using this program, as you drive the 401 miles of the interstate, the GPS in you phone automatically turns on and the audio file plays as you pass the given "site." The recording can also be played from start to finish like a podcast. At the posted speed limit, the drive between Utah and Nebraska takes roughly five and a half hours. This audio history fills over four hours of that with amazing stories. To get access to the TravelStorysGPS, click                    and follow the directions.

How it works...

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